Outdoor white wine glasses, smooth edges – 100% Tritan plastic – dishwasher safe and shatterproof cups – by TaZa – Set of 4 (12 oz)

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Product description

PREVENT PARTY DRAMA! Choose the lightest unbreakable wine glasses available.

The unbreakable wine glasses of Taza allow you to live and entertain yourself without the drama of broken glass. Throw it, hit it or hit it, but never break it. TaZa glasses are almost indestructible, so you can concentrate on the most important things in life than broken glass.

The unbreakable TaZa wine glasses are known for their brilliant clarity, such clarity that makes them easily confused with glass. However, unlike glass, these glasses do not break or break, which makes them ideal for entertainment anywhere, at any time.

These 20-oz. Shock-proof wine glasses allow you to enjoy your wine, water, cocktail, juice or smoothie indoors or out (think of swimming pools, yards, boats, campsites, recreational vehicles, rental cabins, etc. )!


Ready for all your plans, the TaZa wine glasses are perfect for every occasion and every place:

Drink in the boat: these glasses fit the standard cup holders perfectly. Use in the pool and outdoors. Have you ever tried to find broken glass inside a full pool? We do not recommend Wear unbreakable plastic glasses and let children and adults run freely.
Entertain guests at home without fear of broken glass.
Use at a picnic
Take it to the hot tub! Relax in the hot tub with these glasses.
Take to camp
Store your Airbnb rental or rental cabin for guests to enjoy
Drink a smoothie in the morning
Drink wine in bed. Why not!


We have taken special care at the design level to make TaZa glasses beautiful and last longer than the bottle of wine you will drink.

Stems that never break: enjoy the beauty of wine glasses without worrying about fragility. TaZa wine glasses will never break!

Flat tires: TaZa glasses don't just look good; They feel good Whether you're taking a sip of wine or iced coffee, the last thing you want to feel is a rough edge. TaZa gives you a real glass experience. Put your lips on something soft.

Stay elegant with superior clarity: unbreakable TaZa glasses are known for their brilliant clarity. However, unlike real glass, these glasses do not break or break, which makes them ideal for entertainment anywhere, anytime.

Ideal for full-bodied wine: the wider opening of the 20 oz TaZa wine glass makes your generous portion of wine taste softer, improving your wine-drinking experience.

The best option without interruptions, without fear, transparent as glass, without BPA, lip balm, dishwasher safe, for parties!

Ideal for wine with body

The wider opening of the TaZa 20 oz wine glass makes its generous portion of wine taste softer, improving your wine drinking experience.

Dishwasher safe – Low maintenance care.

After entertaining guests, the last thing you want to do is spend time washing glasses. TaZa glasses do not need special care, hand washing is not required! Just throw them in the dishwasher and turn them on. Unbreakable TaZa glasses are dishwasher safe.

Always know what's in your glass.

Made of 100% Tritan material, these winning glasses are 100% without BPA and without EA.

Drink good things.

PREVENT PARTY DRAMA with shatterproof wine glasses. The TaZa wine glasses will not break if they fall, leaving you free to enjoy the company without worrying about breakage. Perfect for picnics and outdoor camps and around the pool, patio or boat. Anywhere you don't want broken glass!
ENTERTAINMENT WITH STYLE with 100% TRITAN clear glass plastic glasses that provide the shine of a thin glass. There is no need to sacrifice practicality for clarity. Prepare to receive compliments on how well wine, cocktails or any other beverage you serve show.
SUITABLE FOR THE DISHWASHER. ** WITHOUT BPA AND WITHOUT EA ** AND WITHOUT DRAMA. Made with 100% material made in the USA. UU. Keep harmful ingredients out of your drink. PRIORITIZE YOUR MENTAL PEACE: regular plastic filters chemicals in beverages, our US Tritan plastic. UU. Not only is it one of the safest, but it is also durable for washing in the dishwasher.
PERFECT AROUND CHILDREN, DOGS AND TIPSY FRIENDS. Unlike typical glass, TaZa shatterproof wine glasses can be pulled from the counter and bounced without breaking.