The One Wine Glass: white wine glasses with a perfect design shape for all types of white wine by master sommelier Andrea Robinson, premium set of 4 lead-free glass glasses, break resistant

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This beautiful set of 4 glasses of white wine is designed by the sommelier teacher, wine educator and TV presenter Andrea Robinson. Designed to optimize all types of white wine and grapes, THE ONE outperforms the performance of specific grape glasses in professional and blind taste test comparisons. The ONE specific white wine bowl is smaller than the THE ONE glass for red wines to preserve the delicacy and cooling of white wines, with a perfect capacity of 6 oz in the widest part. Each glass of white wine is 8.5 inches tall and 3.78 inches wide, with a total of 15.5 ounces at the edge. The edge is thin and is designed to improve the wine tasting experience. Our exclusive extracted stem technology creates a one-piece design that confers elegance and durability. Equal in quality to the most announced specific glass grape glasses with superior durability and value for money. A complete cabinet full of specific grape forms is no match for wine improvement in THE ONE form. With THE ONE, save all that money and space for your wine!

A PERFECT SHAPE AND SIZE THAT OPTIMIZES ALL WHITE WINES, designed by award-winning Maestro Sommelier, Author and TV presenter Andrea Robinson. Dedicating years of testing, Andrea developed the perfect shape and features for the perfect wine glass to make the most of all white wines. Andrea created the precise angle, the depth of the bowl, the size of the bowl and the size of the border to channel the aromas and the bouquet to ensure maximum expression of the character and quality of each white wine.
BREAK RESISTANT: The solid lead-free crystalline formulation and the exclusive stem extracted technology make it one of the most durable wine glasses on the market. Most wine glasses are two pieces, a bowl applied to a stem, which ultimately creates a weak spot where the stems are commonly broken. The stem design extracted from THE ONE is one piece and therefore much more resistant and elegant too!
DISHWASHER SAFE AND DESIGNED TO PLACE THE DISHWASHER. The height and shape of THE ONE facilitate its placement in most dishwashers (top or bottom shelf). THE ONE glass wine glasses are best placed away from heavy pots that can break if they move. THE ONE will not burn or become dirty by washing the dishes like lead crystal glasses do.
LEAD FREE AND BEAUTIFUL CLEAR GLASS. You can rest easy because you will not have leaching lead in your wine. The lead in the glass also makes the glasses much more fragile and prone to engraving in the dishwasher so that they become dirty. THE ONE white wine glasses do not contain lead, but they are very crystalline.
QUALITY FOR THE PRICE. THE ONE Glass white wine glasses provide quality wine tastings that are half the price of similar competitors