Organic Champagne Vinegar Calivirgin – Locally fermented, light and slightly acidic champagne vinegar – Made from a mixture of juicy California grapes, wine grade – Gourmet Vinegar – 250 ml

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Product description

Coldani family

Meet the Coldani family!

At Coldani Ranch in picturesque Lodi, CA, we give a whole new meaning to the idea of ​​a "family business." Calivirgin is the dream we all saw together: our immediate family, spouses and, not to forget, five little ones. Spread over four generations and spanning more than 8 decades, our ranch has become a milestone in the area, synonymous with a large number of fresh premium farm products.

We, and our extensive family of dedicated and passionate employees, live and breathe this business. Over the years, Calivirgin has achieved goodwill and confidence throughout the country as a torchbearer of pure and minimally processed products of high quality. The balsamic vinegars of Calivirgin, which bring to your table an unmistakably authentic blend of original flavors, rich consistency and luxurious aromas, represent some of our best offers.

All calivirgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars and dipping spices

Traditional balsamic vinegar, now in bold, creative flavors!

Balsamic vinegar and olive oil in a bowl

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Calivirgin champagne balsamic vinegar is made here in California, under our careful surveillance. Our facilities use ancient techniques to produce authentic balsamic vinegar from premium grapes. Our balsamic vinegar has a high score in each sensory criterion through its deep color, combinations of unique flavors and stimulating aromas. The thick consistency and the creamy texture are, well, irresistible!

Barrels for balsamic vinegar

Barrel aged perfectly

How is a large balsamic vinegar different from a common one? The secret is in how it ages. All balsamic vinegars of Calivirgin have a barrel aging of up to 18 years (yes, it is true!) Using our custom methods. Careful and artisanal aging adds a lot to the natural flavors of grape must, creating a product that passes all the tests of connoisseurs.

Champagne vinegar in a vinaigrette dressing and salad

A good Californian pairing

Calivirgin organic champagne balsamic vinegar adds the vigor and buzz of organic California champagne to the original goodness of balsamic vinegar. A perfect balance between sweetness and acidity so that your favorite foods taste even better.

An ideal choice of balsamic vinegar to season your salads and transform your vinaigrette recipes.

Olive oil awarded with Calivirgin

More than 350 prizes and counting!

Calivirgin products are proud recipients of over 350 awards for their combinations of original flavors and authentic processing techniques. But don't take the word of the experts: try a bottle yourself and tell us what you think.

LIGHT AND SOFT ACID: Calivirgin champagne vinegar is slightly acidic and has a light and crunchy texture; A perfect choice of gourmet vinegar for salad dressings, white sauce recipes and simple and quick champagne vinaigrette
THE GOURMET SHOULD NOT BE A COMPLICATION: Calivirgin vinegars add a beautiful and novel dimension to your favorite foods and recipes with their rich mixtures of flavors, textures and aromas; Traditional Gourmet Vinegar
MAKING THE BALANCE: Calivirgin organic champagne vinegar fuses the natural and fruity sweetness of the grapes with the fermented acidity to create an exceptionally smooth but memorable flavor profile that does not mask other flavors in your recipes
MADE WITH LOVE AND CARE: Like all our products, Calivirgin Champagne Vinegar shares the love, care and legacy of the legendary Coldani family of Lodi, CA; Click "Add to cart" to order a bottle of 250 ml champagne vinegar immediately